faceweb”Where do I want to be in 30 years? I want to be the head of a game creating company, with a happy family and a stable life that gives me time to spend with them”. For now, Fábio Miguel Fonseca Figueiredo, this entrepreneurial young gun and student is taking a step closer to his goal by making his marketing mark. He is organising and publicising  an art show at the La Vie Centre in Caldas da Rainha. On Saturday 4th June, I and two other artists will be showcasing our artistic wears in an exhibition for one day which is all thanks to Fábio.

I decided to become involved because I have known him for many years and have seen him develop from a relentlessly energetic kid into an entertaining young man with a view on just about everything. He is likeable, charming, funny and effervescent and I feel he could cultivate a career in many fields, even on the stand-up comedy circuit as a performer, if he wanted to.  At the moment he is studying as a Communication Marketing Public Relations and Publicity Technician (CMPRPT) in Caldas da Rainha and I believe he has a lot to offer and deserves a chance of a better future.

Portugal needs young blood and talent like his if the country is to succeed, and it is my fervent hope, that he and many others stay here and do not join the brain drain to foreign shores. It has long been a tragic element to the panorama of Portuguese life that the young know in their hearts that they have to fly the nest by literally thousands of kilometres for a viable future. There are many things to like and admire about Portugal but the scandalous acceptance and open encouragement to go, for me,  is nothing less than a criminal betrayal of its youth. Even the head of the last government openly advised the flower of its nation to grow in foreign fields.

”Lately, it’s even hard for young adults (fresh out of the studying world) to find work. To get work you have to study as much as you can and get as many titles as you can (university, master’s degree, PhD, etc) so that you have even more opportunities” . In contrast to Fábio’s viewpoint, in my experience opportunity comes from offering people exactly what they want and need at the right time. By analysing a market and understanding it you can sell to it. I encourage  Fábio, therefore, to follow this path and change things by his own actions and intelligence. Never look to qualifications as the answer, look to your talent to change things, believe in yourself  and use your intelligence and commitment to make it happen. I think somewhere deep within Fábio he feels this too, Governments never provide answers, people do.

Looking ahead  he says ”I wish I could say that I know where I will be but all I know is that things change very fast and we never know what opportunities are ahead”.  This is very true, however, looking to the short term it’s my intention to support Fábio and help him albeit in a small way to make an impact on the wider marketing world. I will be doing my bit by working all day in a live painting demonstration on the 4th June at the La Vie shopping centre Caldas da Rainha. So I hope to see you there for a quick chat and perhaps you can say hello to Fabio.