Creativity amongst the cranberry sauce

Amongst the beans, bacon and bread at Union Jacs the international food store in Sao Martinho do Porto you can find all sorts of treasures. Curry sauces, Chinese sauces, pastes, fillings, biscuits, chocolates and all manner of breakfast, lunchtime and dinner delights. But cast your eye above the shelves and there’s other pleasures and treasures to be found.

Some years ago, I decided to put a lofty and worthy notion to the test. It was, and is that art belongs to the people. So in this spirit I have been pleased to exhibit my art above the shelves in union Jacs shop.  I have done this for years now and I hope to keep on doing it because I believe you do not have to be in a gallery to enjoy paintings.

So I am always pleased and happy to tell people if they want to see my work take a trip to the shop and if they don’t buy a painting they can still buy some much missed and loved food instead!

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