Vine LeavesVine Leaves

While working in the vineyards of a locally based organic winery, I had a magical opportunity to study the effects of light on the turning leaves and the hues created of vermillion, ochres, deep maroons and purples. The scene reminds me so much of a New England fall. The images on this page are derived from a large painting 122 cms x 60 cms in acrylic and oil on a wood panel primed in gesso.

The images promote a series of labels for medal-winning organic red wines, sent in tens of thousands on bottles all over Europe.

Wall FlowersWall Flowers

Abstract work inspired by climbing wall flowers painted on paper and produced using palette knife with acrylic paints.


Abstract work inspired by wooden beach fences and sunsets. This work is painted on paper with acrylics

Cubic Sea

Cubic Sea

This abstract work is an arrangement in blue, black and red ochre. It is painted on paper and uses acrylics.

Bay ShellsBay Shells

A microscopic view of sea shells from the bay of São Martinho do Porto. This abstract work is painted on a very large box canvas with acrylic paint.

Lagoon FormsLagoon Forms

An abstract work interpreted through the forms made by sand bars of the Óbidos Lagoon as seen from above. This is a large box canvas painted in acrylics.

Forest Fire

Forest Fire

Sunset RocksSunset Rocks

Arrangement in OrangeArrangement in Orange

Lichen WallLichen Wall

Sunlight on PoolSunlight on Pool

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