Childhood 1Childhood 1

My son Ben and I often would make up characters to fill the idle hours. Mouse was such an animal with a high-pitched Cockney street-wise persona. In this large canvas painted in acrylics I bring Mouse to life for my son as he sits in Ben’s hands. All around is the vista of São Martinho do Porto. A very large picture with a tint of wistful melancholy.


An intricate study of the historic Portuguese architecture found in the old town of Óbidos. It has a charming motive of a girl watering flowers in the afternoon sun. This work is a square format of 60 cms x 60 cms. It was painted in a combination of acrylics and oils on a gesso primed wood panel.

Cat GirlCat Girl

My daughter Ruby’s fascination with cats has always delighted me. In fact I see her as something like a cat with very feline mannerisms. This picture comes from the many happy times we have both visited Óbidos and the charming nooks and crannies one can find to enjoy there.  This is an acrylic work painted on a wood, gesso primed panel of 60 cms x 60 cms.

The QuestionThe Question

Every year, usually in the June sun, all things equestrian come to the local major town of Caldas da Rainha. Horse jumping, shows and stalls with all sorts of riding paraphernalia proliferate. It really is a fine opportunity to study the Lusitano breed of horse at close quarters. I adore the Portuguese riding costumery and I took the chance to take a couple of snaps of these ladies to form a painting in acrylic on canvas. It felt as if I was painting a Manet or Renoir.

Mother and SonMother and son

Mother and son sit and share together a moment of reflection as they float in a boat in the sea shell shaped bay of São Martinho do Porto.  A large canvas is painted in acrylics, in an oil painting style, on canvas.


There are many secrets to be discovered on the Silver Coast. This reclining nude on coastal rocks is another form of the beauty found on the beaches here. This mermaid was painted in sepia tones and washes on a specially made fine weave canvas measuring 120 cms. wide. The picture was made to form the headboard of a large and luxurious bed.

beachmumBeach Mum

São Martinho do Porto is a happy place frequented by all ages, many families spend many happy hours here. They travel from all over, this Dutch family wanted a happy memento on canvas. This is a large work painted in acrylics on canvas.

beach-groupBeach Group

Surprise! All your grandchildren on a beach at Praia D´el Rey. This painting was commissioned by a proud grandfather for his family. A challenging but compulsive work to do. Acrylic on a very large hand-made canvas.