Terence Austin Artist Boats Boats at Rest

Boats at Rest

Like some beached sea lions these boats moved me to depict their languid life among the reeds and sand surrounding the sea lagoon of Óbidos. This is a small and textured study completed in acrylics on canvas.

Lady of the Lagoon 

Boats of any type always seem to offer an opportunity to be beautifully transported to a somewhere. This lady of the lagoon wanted me to paint her because she offered destinations calling at rest, recuperation and relaxation through her drifting visual rhythms. A very tranquil study in acrylics on canvas.

Terence Austin Artist Boats Lady of the Lagoon
Terence Austin Artist Boats Bobbing Boats

Bobbing Boats

Two boats nudge each other through the gentle tidal motions of the Óbidos lagoon. Tethered and together they are becoming part of the landscape with each passing day. A small square piece is produced in acrylics on canvas.

Beached at Bom Sucesso

Beached at Bom Sucesso! this beautiful cerulean blue boat sleeps amid the bleached white hot sands found at Bom Sucesso. It is a large painting combining oil and acrylics on canvas.

Terence Austin Artist Boats Beached at Bom Sucesso
Terence Austin Artist Boats Seagulls at Rest

Seagulls Rest

A lonely seagull sleepily surveys the midday scene too full to bother the lagoon fish. He sits in textures and washes of marine blues and light emeralds which are painted on tinted canvas in acrylic.

Marooned and Masted

The serpentine swirl of the estuary of Salir do Porto has brought this masted craft to a sand bank sanctuary. It has kept a respectful distance from the craggy limestone outcrops which have been painted green by the sea and bleached white by the sun. A large work in acrylics on a canvas ground.

Terence Austin Artist Marooned and Masted
Terence Austin Artist Boats Moored Among the Vapour

Moored Among the Vapour

Moored among the rising morning vapours of maritime life this boat will only carry cargoes of seagulls today. This craft has become a mere promontory for the hunting birds looking for unwary summer mullet lurking in the shadows under the boat. A combination of oil and acrylics has been used in this portrait format painting on canvas.

Boat Boy

Lost and alone in his thoughts this boy among a gaggle of beached boats realises the September sun means the winding down of the holiday and the start of the school year. Goodbye holidays, farewell fun, one last search among the sand for a seashell or two. This is a portrait format painting in acrylics on canvas.

Terence Austin Artist Boat Boy
Terence Austin Artist Boats Afternoon Sail

Afternoon Sail

An aquamarine-tinted boat rests on golden sands after the turn of the tide. A lone sail is seen drifting toward the headlands of Foz do Arelho. A thick impasto in an acrylic treatment has been applied to render the intensity of the scene, on box canvas.

Settled in Salir

Sat and settled on a craggy section of the Salir do Porto beach this boat quietly waits for its master and next mission. A large picture rendered in acrylic and oil on canvas.

Terence Austin Artist Boats Settled in Salir