Fields of Gold

Terence Austin Artist Flowers
We all should drift a little, take moments out, disconnect our conscious and unplug the now.

I adore mechanisms that let the subconscious drive us for a wee while. Often in these journeys to the backwaters of the brain we find regeneration, solace, surprise and inspiration.

I find beauty often sets my mind slipping into this dreamy state. A ten-mile stare, mouth slightly agape and pupils wide and fixated. When this happens there’s only one natural direction for me and painting is born.

I have never witnessed such a scene as the one I depicted in the work ‘Fields of Gold’.

It tries to portray the incredible spectacle of wild pyrotechnic bursts of flowers encircling the ancient sleepy town of Óbidos in the Leiria region of Portugal. What a delight. Be careful though if you are moved to visit, the show is brief, one or two weeks between May and June and there’s no encore.

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Through rich hues and high tones, I tried to render such an afternoon of heat. Intense chromium yellows, earthy ochres burn away as they are set against strong, deep olive greens and Cyprus pigments. The whole picture is shot through with dashes of warm flickering pinks and cooler violets which depict the drifting motions of the wild flora. All this is cannily observed under the midday glare by our suffering motif artist. As I painted him I remember thinking pass this man a drink before he melts into the long, parched and brittle grass.

Although it has been some time since the west wind moved me to revisit this scene I remember it still with an ardour that time will not blunt or diminish. I hope you like the picture and I very much hope you will visit this wonderful location and permit your other self to witness this splendid natural carpet of life and colour.

Terence Austin Artist detail
Terence Austin Artist Fields of Gold