Terence Austin Artist Salir Silver Mist

Salir Silver Mist

A small study of the banks of rolling mist that envelops the coastal towns on the Silver Coast throughout summer and fall. The scene depicts the bay of São Martinho do Porto from the vista of Salir do Porto. This is an acrylic on canvas.

Terence Austin Artist Labradoodle


A wide, sweeping and cinematic take on the beach of São Martino do Porto. A small, white Labradoodle called Leo makes his contribution to an ideal view of morning sun, set against a backdrop of a sleepy resort. A light toned and high-keyed acrylic and oil on canvas.

Terence Austin Artist Breezy Beach

Breezy Beach

A breezy fresh and romantic work of childhood holidays remembered set on the beach of the international resort of Praia D´el Rey. You would think this is an oil painting but its clever handling and depth of lustre are actually qualities of a large work in acrylic on white canvas ground.

Terence Austin Artist Beach Boardwalk

Beach Boardwalk

The warm pink light, soft white sand and the distant careful leisurely tread of a figure along a boardwalk describe the utter heaven of a sunset spent in the bay of São Martinho do Porto. A small visual essay of peace produced in acrylic on canvas.

Terence Austin Artist Beach Reflections

Beach Reflections

A moment of reflection experienced. A mother and son say goodbye to the beach, bay and the bedazzlement experienced in discovering the secret of São Martinho do Porto. A larger work layered in translucent coatings of acrylic water washes mixed in warm sunshine.

Terence Austin Artist Dusky Lighthouse

Dusky Lighthouse

A truly filmic inspired vision of a semi-nocturnal transition of day to night set amid the beauty that is the lighthouse and harbour wall of Peniche. Tranquil blues disappear in the sombre and moving evening. A very large work in acrylics in the style of oil invokes the music of the night and Debussy played on a tinted canvas.

Terence Austin Artist Foz do Arelho Triptych

Foz do Arelho Triptych

One sharp-eyed seagull searches the deep ultramarine sea below as he hangs and manipulates the currents of twisting air. Always looking, always watching, he is waiting for the fruits of the sea. Depicted on one of three panels painted in acrylics and oils on canvas.

Terence Austin Artist Basking Buoys

Basking Buoys

A Porto pageant of crisp colour and intense light set on a sea wall. This panorama of passion illustrates the marker buoys used by the fisher-folk of the locality in their daily quest for fish.  This was a happy and bubbly work which was immensely enjoyable to do. Large box canvas painted in acrylics.

Terence Austin Artist Quayside Vista

Quayside Vista

My beloved beach of São Martinho do Porto awakes to be warmed by fashionably late evening sun in March. The deserted beach reflects mauves and marine purples and blues as the spring season sends a message of light, life and promise of summer. This work was painted totally in oils on canvas.

Terence Austin Artist Lagoon 1

Lagoon 1

Óbidos lagoon, with its visiting flamingos, diving sea birds, bobbing boats and leaping silver sea bass, it is a must do for any painter. The ever changing drifting submarine sand constantly tints the water in different turquoise hues and the sunlight sparkles the water in diamonds. These three works were produced in plein air style on acrylic paper and with generous amounts of palette knife treatment.

Terence Austin Artist Lagoon 3

Lagoon 2

Terence Austin Artist Lagoon 3

Lagoon 3

Terence Austin Artist Lagoon 4

Lagoon 4

This is a massive triptych of Óbidos Lagoon. These three canvas panels are painted with a coloured undercoat and over-painted in acrylics. There has been a liberal use of intensive palette knife work in combination with bristle brush techniques and water glazes to create harmony.

Terence Austin Artist Peniche Lighthouse

Peniche Lighthouse

On my trips to Peniche, I have always been surprised by the coastal rocky formations which were seemingly snatched from a surrealist painters dream. These rich, dark and profound cliffs are pure romance. This is  a very large canvas painted in an oil style through acrylics.