Art and autism read about the creative combination

It is incredible how art especially drawing in this case, can help people communicate despite their difficulties and barriers. What a gift this guy has and what a way to express it.

A detailed eye for creativity in art

It’s an amazing fact that the artist Stephen Wiltshire on returning from a 45-minute helicopter ride over the ancient city of Rome, with all its complex classical architecture, drew a vast, 51/2-yard-wide cityscape in striking detail from memory. His art is staggering.

The panoramic vision was described as “frighteningly right.” What did this mean? Well to get to the root of the statement the quote pays respect to a notion that many of those who have autism have an unnerving aptitude for spectacular detail, Or, many people with autism seem to possess almost superhuman characteristics, especially when remembering details be they fact, figures, patterns or the simply the way home.

Another artist perspective

There´s another artist, Ryan Smoluk he has autism, who has used it to his advantage. Ryan was awarded the Canada Council for the Arts Award recently. He found as a young child that verbal communication was very difficult to master and so he turned to drawing to communicate with the world. Ryan`s take on the matter is “Communicating was very difficult for me. I learned to communicate by drawing and handing out my pictures. I think that was the beginning of a very interesting career as an artist. I guess you could say art chose me.” In some magic way, art opens up avenues of talking to people without opening our mouths. The concentration and detail needed to be a good artists seems to dovetail with people who have autism.

Painting for expression

Painting, drawing, sculpting can be lonely activities but it is this very solitude that can help the autistic filter out the extraneous dross of life. Art empowers their mind and imagination to focus on what is important to them and therefore they find extremely powerful ways to express their thoughts and feelings.

Ryan Smoluk’s art work provides insight into mental illness

It seems inescapable that many members of the autistic community have cognitive abilities which far surpass those without the condition. For instance, many youngsters who have autism or ASD) are extremely intelligent. One very striking feature of autistic children is they possess a much more adroit and ability to process details compared with other children. Many experts think that this is a central reason for levels of high artistic achievement in their group.

Child prodigies of art

If we take a look at child prodigies we can say that they do not typically have autism but they do demonstrate autistic tendencies.
child prodigies don’t typically have autism. But recent research has revealed that they rely on autism-linked traits to rocket to the top of their fields.
This relationship between autism, autistic tendencies has become widely accepted in areas of the world such as Silicon Valley. So thinking is now shifting and reassessing the geek and absent-minded professor and reclassifying them as types of autistic qualities.

Is autism in relevant for creativity?

So next time you are watching the next Hollywood blockbuster and marvelling at the quality of the CGI or using that new software for your computer stop and think. You might wonder whether autism is essential in making your world more efficient surprising, creative and interesting.