I had the opportunity this summer to do some illustrations for a children´s book. Not entirely unusual for me because in the past, I have done illustrations and animations for books, leaflets and cartoons.

What was special this time was I was able to work with own my kids, Ben and Ruby, in the characterisations and visual interpretations. So for most of July my creative team and I set about bringing to life Mr. Grumpy Boots, Mr Smarty Pants and a loveable but mischievous sheep dog we liked to call Dora.

We drew, laughed, spoke in character and watched days of kids TV which was a tough call but we kept reminding each other that “someone had to do it!”

Eventually, we had enough material to make some rough visuals which I worked up into more presentable images and then I delivered them to the author Sunny Johansen. She was brilliant to work with and we laughed and joked all our way through our meetings and I really began to understand her creative countenance through humour.

The book is now published on Amazon so take a look at the corresponding pictures you never know you too might have a book you want to publish and an artist to bring a little magic to your visuals!